Good Vibes Palo Santo Cleansing Bundle
Good Vibes Palo Santo Cleansing Bundle

Good Vibes Palo Santo Cleansing Bundle

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  • One of our favorites! This stuff is the real deal.
    Burning Palo Santo releases negative energies, cleanses your space, and smells amazing!
  • Bundle includes 4 Peruvian Palo Santo sticks wrapped in cotton string with an intentions charm
  • Each stick measures about 4" long and varies in thickness. 
  • Our palo santo sticks are sustainably sourced from ethically trade and harvested farms. Hand-wrapped and dried in Los Angeles.
  • How to use: Set the mood & light up your stick. Using a candle flame or a lighter, rotate the tip of the wood in the flame until it catches. Allow the tip to burn for several seconds, then gently blow it out. The resulting smoke and glowing ember will last for about a minute. This is enough time to cleanse your personal space or a small room. Use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke around the desired area. Focus on intentions or affirmations as you move the stick. When finished, place your stick in a bowl or shell for future use.


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Our mission is to support fair trade by providing steady work and opportunity for our artisan partners.

Profits are immediately reinvested by way of new inventory orders, which in turn creates a positive cycle of continued work for our team.

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