“Prosperity” Reiki Charged Intention Bottle
“Prosperity” Reiki Charged Intention Bottle

“Prosperity” Reiki Charged Intention Bottle

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We had these cool little intention bottles specially made by Missy Spinelli of Green Eyed Mystic Shop, a Reiki practitioner in our area.
As each bottle is filled, Missy sets the spiritual and emotional mood to channel the appropriate intention, always good ones!

She carefully selects the proper combinations of stones, crystals, herbs, oils and dried flowers before wax sealing the cork.

Her intentions, together with your own, help to  power the “spell” of your choice

Incantation included, charms will vary

Our Mission

Our mission is to support fair trade by providing steady work and opportunity for our artisan partners.

Profits are immediately reinvested by way of new inventory orders, which in turn creates a positive cycle of continued work for our team.

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