We make every effort to provide our clients with quality bags. Because we often times use hand woven and upcycled materials, snags and loose threads are common. Should your fabric or huipil snag, you can snip the loose threads with scissors or use a Snag Nabbit tool.

You may decide to use a protectant on the fabric portion of your bag. Dark denim or other dyed clothing items can rub off and stain lighter leathers and fabrics. Exposure to water, liquids or even  makeup can cause staining. Should color transfer or staining occur, having used a protector may allow for easier cleanup. When in doubt, we recommend testing your dark clothing for colorfastness by gentle rubbing it with a white cotton cloth. This test may help to minimize your risk of dye transfer to your bag.

 You may also wish to use a leather conditioner or spray to protect your leather, although many of our clients prefer to let the oils in their skin break in the leather naturally. We strongly advise doing a test spot on an inconspicuous area of the leather before applying a conditioner or treatment to the entire bag. 

We are not responsible for damage which may occur from the use of conditioners or spray protectants, nor are we liable for damage which may occur from the lack of use of these products